So, Rally Cap? Baseball? In Louisiana?

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Dec 5, 2017

Yes. And no.  Good answer, right?

There are a few things out there that really bring people together.  Whether it’s a father and son catching up over a baseball game or old friends reuniting to root on their alma mater, folks want a comfortable and friendly place to gather and cheer on their team. Even if you go somewhere alone, you soon find yourself surrounded by friends when sports are involved. Craft beer fosters the same spirit of community.  Our goal is to unite the two and do our best to create a community where sports fans, craft beer aficionados, and those new to the craft scene can slow down, connect with others, and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The name Rally Cap is derived from that concept of community.  When it came time to think about a name, we had a list of literally hundreds of sports phrases that might make a good brewery name – let’s think, there was Zone Blitz Brewing, Seventh Game Brewing, Triple Option Brewing – the list was endless.  But when we thought about the name Rally Cap, it made us think about a true team and a sense of community. Whether it’s little leaguers putting on their rally caps, or Astros fans turning their caps inside out hoping for a late inning comeback, one thing is for sure – everyone is united, working together for a common cause.  And we loved that thought!  Yeah, it’s not a football name, which might be more appropriate here in Baton Rouge, but it’s a name that means a lot to us, one that represents what we hope to create at our little oasis on Pennywood Ave.

So, yep, at Rally Cap we love our baseball, but the name is meant to be less about baseball, and more about our creating a place where both sports fans and craft beer fans can feel comfortable, feel like they’re part of a team.  To do that, we can’t forget that the single most important thing about a craft brewery is the beer, so our mission will always be to brew great beer, and we think you’ll enjoy our always rotating selection of craft brews.  Our beer is “Handcrafted for the Home Team”, and our home team is the Baton Rouge beer community.  We look forward to serving you all!

OK, we’ve got a name, but how do you try to bring a name and philosophy to life?  Well, one small step revolves around creating a visual representation of the brand – fun stuff like logos, colors, and maybe even some cool cans!  Seems like a good topic for our next post.  Stay tuned…